Sheeps are Daran Johnson, Alastair Roberts and Liam Williams.

Think The Two Ronnies meets Sheeps and then The Two Ronnies leave.


Mixed bag in terms of reviews…

***** “Extremely talented” – Edinburgh Guide (not bad, this one, is it? FIVE!)

**** “something very exciting indeed” – Independent

**** – Telegraph

**** – Metro

**** – The List

***andthenahalf – Edinburgh Is Funny (bit weird this one, they seemed to be really into us for like a year before this and kept telling people to come see us and stuff, but then when they watched the show they seemed to just not be all that on board. Which obviously is hard to reconcile. But how much can you really know what someone’s thinking, though? We were kind of assuming they’d be REALLY into it, but it just didn’t take for them. But there we are. Genuinely wish them the best.)

*** – Spoonfed

** – “didn’t really contain anything funny”- Such Small Portions (they just do not like us, these guys)

* – “Given the many stars listed in their Fringe programme entry and the high esteem in which they are held, I was ready to be impressed by Sheeps. Sadly it was not to be. Given that the show was packed with fantastic lines and ideas which ought to have brought the house down, it was surprising to find that these jokes just didn’t hit the target. I put this down to the unbearably smug delivery, which meant that it eventually became quite hard to pay attention to the actors (a problem with which I doubt the supremely self-satisfied performers have ever struggled). I couldn’t honestly recommend this show unless you plan to steal their material and use it elsewhere. – ThreeWeeks

“One of the most exciting sketch acts to emerge in years” – Time Out (thanks, guys. we use this quote on basically everything even though it was about three years ago now.)


And here’s two links to Jonno and Liam’s blogs, which are both absolutely incredible and haven’t been updated in years, much like this (sort of) “website”



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