Welcome and Sorry about the WEBSITE


2010's A Sort Of Sketch Show,    2011's A Sketch Show,     2012's Dancing With Lisa,     2013's Only Joking

2010’s A Sort Of Sketch Show, 2011’s A Sketch Show, 2012’s Dancing With Lisa, 2013’s Only Joking

Sheeps don’t have a proper website and don’t know how to go about getting one, but this is a nod in that direction, so leave it alone. MUCH better is to go on https://www.facebook.com/sheepscomedy?fref=ts We struck up a deal with Facebook whereby they let us have one of their pages. It should say most of the things.

Also, not to brag, but yes we do have Twitter https://twitter.com/sheepsofcomedy

Like the former, follow the latter, or kiss the ass.

Our agent is Carrie Matthews at Independent Talent, which is also her email address (carriematthews@independenttalent.com)

Also, most of the live things we do are through these people, who are great. http://www.theinvisibledot.com/

and you can email us sheeps.funny@googlemail.com – this is all covered in less detail on our ‘Contact Us’ page.

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